Department of Geography and Resource Management (GRM), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Research Collaborations

Investigating international university students as hosts for Visiting Friends and Relatives (VFR) travel through perspectives a comparative study between Hong Kong and Innsbruck

Prof. CHAN Chung-shing (Johnson)

Comparing the paths from perceived image to locational decisions by Hong Kong and Shenzhen university students across cities in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Prof. CHAN Chung-shing (Johnson)

Investigating tourism as a strategy of recovery from natural disasters in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan

Prof. CHAN Chung-shing (Johnson)

Low-Carbon Transport, Individual Wellbeing & Planetary Health in the Era of Smart Cities & New Mobilities

Prof. HE Ying, Sylvia

A comparative study of new towns in three Asian cities: Access to activity opportunities, travel patterns and well-being

Prof. HE Ying, Sylvia

Improving the use and sharing of geospatial information for resilient and sustainable development

Prof. HUANG Bo

Creating a robust and reliable resource for accessing, sharing, and analyzing confidential geospatial research data: Overcoming obstacles to replicating NSF research

Prof. KWAN Mei-Po

Soil Respiration in a Subtropical Secondary Forest in Hong Kong: Temporal Variations and the Effects of Climate Change

Prof. LAI Yuk Fo, Derrick

CUHK-University of Exeter Joint Centre for Environmental Sustainability and Resilience (ENSURE)

Prof. LAU Ngar-Cheung, Gabriel

Adopting REDD+ for conservation, sustainable community livelihood and climate change mitigation

Prof. MARAFA, Lawal M.

Elucidation of the tranquillity concept and rating tool in Hong Kong

Prof. MARAFA, Lawal M.

Future Cities: Planning for Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood Change

Prof. NG Mee Kam