Department of Geography and Resource Management (GRM), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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Impact of Urban-rural Return Migration on Rural Economic Development in China–with Implications for Vietnam

Prof. SHEN Jianfa



Winnie Wang (University of Bristol), Qiang Ren (Peking University) and Yu Zhu (Fujian Normal University)

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The general aims of this proposed research are to investigate the impact of urban-rural return migration on rural development in China and how rural population in poverty benefits from it. It will examine factors that affect returnees’ entrepreneurial decisions and activities, the roles of institutions and policies in these processes and impacts on non-migrant families. Variations by gender, between groups and across places will also be explored using a multilevel approach.

Specific objectives include:

  1. Examine return migrants’ economic impacts through local job creation, financial and technology investment and economy diversification and how they vary between groups and across places.
  2. Identify key individual, socioeconomic, institutional and policy factors in affecting returnees’ entrepreneurial decision and activities.
  3. Analyze determinants in migrants’ return decision-making processes and the linkages to their post return economic performance.
  4. Evaluate the extent and ways that non-migrant families, villages and local township benefit from return migration and how institutions and policies affect the processes.