Department of Geography and Resource Management (GRM), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Master of Philosophy Stream


The programme requires two academic years (full-time) for completion. In addition to register for the Thesis Research course every term to complete an M.Phil. thesis with original research, each M.Phil. student must complete 15 units of coursework. M.Phil. students with cumulative GPA of 3.3 or above may apply for transfer to the Ph.D. stream. Courses offered by the Division include:

1. GRMD 5001 Research Seminar I (compulsory, 3 units)
2. GRMD 5002 Research Seminar II (compulsory, 3 units)
3. GRMD 5100 Basic Issues of Geographical Research (compulsory, 3 units)
4. GRMD 5110 Statistical Applications in Geography (compulsory, 3 units)
5. GRMD 6210 Special Topics in Geography of Pacific Asia (elective, 3 units)
6. GRMD 6220 Special Topics in Human Geography (elective, 3 units)
7. GRMD 6230 Special Topics in Environmental and Resource Management (elective, 3 units)
8. GRMD 6240 Special Topics in Geoinformation Science (elective, 3 units)
9. GRMD 8006 Thesis Research (compulsory for full-time students, 6 units)
10. GRMD 8003 Thesis Research (compulsory for continuing or part-time students, 3 units)

Unit distribution of the M.Phil. stream programme is as follows:

First Year
Advanced Geographical Methodology (3 units)
Statistical Applications in Geography (3 units)
Research Seminar I (3 units)
Research Seminar II (3 units)
Thesis Research

Second Year and Over
One Elective Course (3 units, Year 2)
Thesis Research


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