Department of Geography and Resource Management (GRM), The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Offering Proficiency Certificates to Students who Successfully Completed Courses offered by the GRM Department

Benefits of obtaining a proficiency certificate

• Obtaining a proficiency certificate is a way to prove your competency and knowledge in Geography, which is beneficial to your future career or postgraduate study.

• It is also a recognition of your good academic performance in geography.


• Non-GRM students

Study requirements

• Current students who have taken 3 courses from one of the geographical fields (Table 1) are eligible for a proficiency certificate in a specific theme.

• A proficiency certificate will be offered to students who have completed the courses with satisfactory performance (Grade B or above).

Application procedure

• Applications for proficiency certificates are accepted in two rounds each year. Students who have fulfilled the requirements can only apply within 6 weeks after the release of grades in Term 1 and Term 2. The first round of applications will start after the grade release in 2023-24 Term 1.

• Students are required to apply via an online application system ( and upload their transcripts as supporting documents. An electronic copy of the proficiency certificate will be issued to applicants who have fully met the requirements.

• Students can apply for more than one proficiency certificate but courses would NOT be double counted if students applied for multiple certificates.


Table 1 – Courses for fulfilling the requirement of a proficiency certificate

Proficiency Certificate in Human Geography

Proficiency Certificate in Smart City and Sustainability

Proficiency Certificate in Geography

UGEC 2201A Pursuit of Ideal Living Environment

UGEB 2114 Climate, Energy and Life

Any three courses offered by GRM

(A course cannot be double counted with courses taken for the other two types of Proficiency Certificates)

GRMD 1003 / UGEA 1212 Understanding China through Cultural Landscape

GRMD 1402 Global Change and Environmental Sustainability

GRMD 1301 / UGEC 1120 Understanding Guangdong- Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

GRMD 2401 / UGEC 2171 Sustainable Development

GRMD 2321 Economic Geography

GRMD 2501 Theory and Practice of Smart Cities

GRMD 3304 Cultural Geography

GRMD 3202 Environmental Management

GRMD 3305 Transport Geography

GRMD 3404 Natural Hazards and Human Responses


GRMD 4401 Energy Resources for Carbon Neutrality


GRMD 4503 Smart City Policies and Governance