Department of Geography and Resource Management (GRM), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Student & Alumni Sharing

Amadeo Amelia

GRM has introduced me to the things unseen in our society. It was surprising how Hong Kong itself has so many environmental issues yet to be solved, and I am able to dive deep into it through the courses that I took here. I have also had the chance to go to Gansu – where I got to learn physical geography by witnessing it with my own eyes. I personally think that both the lectures and field trips have trained me to be more critical in solving problems and to learn more about the academic world.

Chung Sum Yue Natalie

At GRM, I met a group of friends with similar goals and interests. During the first year of university, I partnered up with a senior to join the Hong Kong Tertiary Schools COP21 Challenge regarding climate change. With our interests in the climate issue, we eventually captured the first class award. Nowadays in the green industry, it is not difficult to spot GRM graduates. The department also offered sharing sessions from successful GRM alumni on their green careers. These serve as source of inspiration for current students to pursue their dreams.

Younas Arooba

Stumbling upon the Geography department of CUHK and scrolling through the courses offered by the department, I became excited to learn more about human geography and how our everyday life can impact the very environment that sustains us. By learning a wide range of concepts from Natural Resource Management to Weather and Climate I have become well-informed regarding the precarious relationship of human activities and environment.



Mr. Kevin Lai

Administrative Officer
HKSAR Government




My parents cast much doubt when I decided to study Geography in university, nearly 20 years ago. A law degree was thought to be a better option. But I stayed the course, propelled by my deep interest in the interactions between people and space, and the vast physical and organisational variations across the globe.

Three years of training in Geography turned out to be exceptionally useful from the career development perspective. A wide spectrum of topics was covered in CUHK’s bachelor degree programme in GRM, ranging from natural resources management to town planning; from transport and logistics to ecotourism; and from the study of climatic and geological conditions to debates on globalisation and international development. The programme also equipped students with multifarious skill sets, including those in carrying out interviews and on-site surveys, conducting statistical analyses, theorising on facts and trends, preparing reports and making presentations in a team, etc. The unique vision, insights, strategic thinking, knowledge and skills that one could acquire from learning Geography are highly reciprocal to the expectations of employers in many businesses and professions. As my own experience suggests, they are very relevant to my job in formulating and administering public policies.



梁焯輝先生, JP
Mr. Jimmy Leung, JP

Planning Department of HKSAR Government



Looking back, the four years that I spent in the Geography Department has been one of the most stimulating and enjoyable times. With the broad spectrum of the discipline covering economic geography, population, cultural geography, environment, climatology, physical geography, etc., we were exposed to subjects of different nature. I believe this had helped us develop an analytical mind, lateral and holistic thinking as well as a spatial perspective unique to geography students. These attributes have been instrumental for pursuing my career in planning.

Relationship between professors and us was very amicable much to the envy of students in other disciplines. The field camps and field trips must have played an important role in this. They not only provided us opportunities to verify what we learnt from books with what was observed on ground, but had helped cultivate a strong sense of fellowship which facilitated exchange and mutual learning. I wish to take this opportunity to thank my professors and fellow students for their guidance and inspiration.