Department of Geography and Resource Management (GRM), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Lab & Facilities

Physical Geography Experimental Station

Air Quality Monitoring Centre at the PGE Station

The Air Quality Monitoring Centre at the Physical Geography Experimental Station has an array of state-of-the-art instruments to collect acid rain, TSP, PM10 and PM2.5 samples and to continuously monitor the concentrations of SO2, NO, NO2, O3 and CO in the ambient air. Such air quality data and fed, together with other meteorological data to a central data logging and display system at the Department.

Hydrology and Climatology Laboratory

The Hydrology and Climatology Laboratory is equipped with conventional as well as electronic meteorological instruments. Weather data are telemetered from a fenced station to the Laboratory for real-time display. A facsimile weather chart recorder and a weather satellite receiving system are installed.

Environmental Laboratory (FYB 201)

The laboratory is equipped with advanced instruments for teaching and research in areas of air, noise and water pollution. For Air pollution, the laboratory provides various Real-time monitoring and Filter-based equipment for particulates and gaseous pollutants studies. For noise studies, the laboratory has a number of precision sound level meters and frequency analyzers as well as GIS-based computer models for noise prediction and noise mapping. The laboratory is also equipped for water pollution studies including inorganic, organic and bacteriological pollutants.

Soils and Geomorphology Laboratory (FYB 202)

The Soils and Geomorphology Laboratory is equipped for the teaching and research in soil science, geomorphology, and ecosystem ecology. Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES), UV-Visible spectrophotometer, Tecator digestor and distillation assembly, and segmented flow analyser are available for the chemical analysis of soil, vegetation and water samples. Gas chromatograph, portable greenhouse gas analyser, eddy covariance systems, and automatic chamber systems are available for the investigation of trace gas dynamics in various ecosystems. Pipette centrifuge, petrologic and biologic microscopes with camera and image capturing software, increment tree borer, and Lintab Tree-Ring Measuring System are provided for mineralogical, petrologic, sedimentological and micropalaeontological research and teaching. The laboratory is also equipped with a wide range of field equipment, such as soil temperature probes, time domain reflectometer and soil auger, for the study of soils in the field. Moreover, the department has established the Physical Geography Experimental Station on CUHK campus, which is equipped with a greenhouse with benches for pot experiment, computer-controlled growth chambers for microcosm experiment, as well as a rainfall and soil erosion simulation system and profile laser scanner for erosion study.

Landscape Laboratory (FYB 210A)

The Landscape laboratory is equipped with state of the art components of visiondome and soundscape facilities, which allow geographers to go beyond 3D display into the cutting edge of digital projection of geographical features. This system has the capacity to display more absolute data than a flat screen, thus facilitating research, decision-making and teaching.

Earth Resource Laboratory (FYB 215)

The laboratory is a lately renovated laboratory for undergraduate geology and geomorphology related courses. It maintains and showcases a wide and rare collections of rock and minerals specimens.


Spatial Analysis and Intelligence Laboratory (FYB 216)

The Spatial Analysis and Intelligence Laboratory is an advanced tower workstation grade PC laboratory established for research and techning in GIS, remote sensing, artificial intelligence and spatial decision support systems. It provides major GIS software including ArcGIS, TransCAD, CadnaA, ENVI, PCI Geomatica, eCognition, etc.

Reference Room (FYB 217)

The Departmental Reference Room has a collection of books, periodicals, government documents and research reports which supplements the University’s libraries and is available for student use. Computers, Wi-Fi, scanner etc. are provided to students with 24/7 access for their study and group project discussion.

Map Room (CKB 219)

The Map Room is where the Department’s collection of maps, atlases, aerial photographs and remote sensing imagery is stored. A 44-in large format professional plotter for map production from digital data is equipped. It also has traditional surveying instruments including clinometers, alidades, levels and theodolites; and remote sensing instruments such as pocket stereoscopes and mirror stereoscopes, etc.

Wong Chun Hong Smart City Laboratory (CKB 222)

The Wong Chun Hong Smart City Laboratory is designed for teaching and research in GIS, computer cartography, remote sensing image analysis and statistical analysis. It is a PC based laboratory running ArcGIS, TransCAD, CadnaA, ENVI, PCI Geomatica, SPSS, MS Office, etc. Digitizers and laser printers provide basic I/O peripherals. All computers are served by the departmental server which also provides internet service via the university network. It is currently under major renovation. TV wall and interactive TV sets would be installed.