Department of Geography and Resource Management (GRM), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Admission to M.Phil – Ph.D. Programme

The objective of this programme is to provide advanced academic and research training in the filed of Geography and Resource Management. It is a research-oriented programme. Students can pursue study in the following research areas:

  • Spatial data structure and data mining
  • Remote sensing image analysis
  • Spatial modelling
  • Virtual geographical environment
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Ecosystem restoration and ecotourism
  • Watershed hydrology and water resources management
  • Applied geomorphology
  • Urbanization and migration analysis
  • Mega urban-regions and world cities
  • Urban and regional development/governance in China
  • Sustainable development in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta
  • Energy and Environmental Policy
  • Climate Change and Social Responses
  • All full-time students of the M.Phil.-Ph.D. programme can apply for full postgraduate studentship. Students awarded studentships are requested to assist the teaching and research of the Graduate Division. When applying for admission, students have to indicate whether they intend to pursue the M.Phil. or the Ph.D. stream.

Outstanding applicants are encouraged to apply for Hong Kong PhD Fellowship.
For details of the scheme see

Each applicant must submit a research proposal and also fulfil the “English Language Proficiency Requirement” as stipulated by the Graduate School before being considered for admission. Please refer to the “Postgraduate Prospectus” or Homepage: ( for details on such requirement.

Information Session on MPhil & PhD Programmes 2024-2025

Further qualifications for admission to M.Phil. stream

In addition to the general qualifications required for admission to the Graduate School, applicants are expected to have a basic training in their undergraduate studies in Geography or other appropriate subjects.

Further qualifications for admission to Ph.D. stream

In addition to the general qualifications required for admission to a Ph.D. programme, applicants should possess a Master’s degree in Geography or in a related field from this University or other recognized universities. Applicants are required to furnish proof of their research capability in the form of strongly favourable comments from academic references or research publications.

Application Deadline

Please refer to the Graduate School website

Tuition Fee (Provisional)

Please refer to the Graduate School website

Contact Person

Ms. Karen Ng

Enquiries may also be made at the Graduate School Office