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GRM Resources Display Wall 中大地球資源展示牆

由校友發起興建的中大地球資源展示牆 (地資牆) ,座落在地球資源實驗室 (FYB 215),展示人類所使用在地球各處採集的自然資源。展品分為「能源」、「工業原料」、「文化藝術」以及「醫藥」,顯示自然資源在各有不同用途,也反映我們在生活的每一個方面,都和天然資源關係匪淺。地資牆除了用於本科教學,也可以在公眾參觀、中小學教育活動、以及其他校內活動中增添地資元素,加強大家對天然資源的重視。

The Geo-resources Wall of CUHK (Geo-resources Wall) has been set up with staunch support from the alumni community and is now situated in the Earth Resource Laboratory (FYB215). The Wall features a variety of natural resources utilised by humans across the world. The collections are arranged into “Energy Sources”, “Industrial Sources”, “Culture and Arts” and “Medicine and Health”, in order to illustrate the diversity of uses for natural resources, as well as the entwined relationship of nature with all aspects of our everyday lives. Besides undergraduate teaching, the Wall can be used to highlight elements of geography and resources in public visits, schools education programme and other university activities, so as to enhance people’s appreciation of the importance of nature and its resources.




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