Department of Geography and Resource Management (GRM), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Doctor of Philosophy Stream


The programme requires three years (full-time) for completion for students admitted with a research master’s degree and four years (full-time) for completion for students admitted without a research master’s degree. In addition to register for the Thesis Research course every term to complete a Ph.D. thesis with original research, each Ph.D. student must complete 12 units of coursework in the following. Courses offered by the Division include:

1. GRMD 5001 Research Seminar I (3 units)
2. GRMD 5002 Research Seminar II (3 units)
3. GRMD 5100 Basic Issues of Geographical Research (3 units)
4. GRMD 5110 Statistical Applications in Geography (3 units)
5. GRMD 8012 Thesis Research (for post-candidacy full-time students, 12 units)
6. GRMD 8006 Thesis Research (for pre-candidacy full-time students or post -candidacy part-time students, 6 units)
7. GRMD 8003 Thesis Research (for continuing or pre-candidacy part-time students, 3 units)

Unit distribution of the Ph.D. stream programme is as follows:

First Year
Advanced Geographical Methodology (3 units)
Statistical Applications in Geography (3 units)
Research Seminar I (3 units)
Research Seminar II (3 units)
Thesis Research

Second Year and Over
Thesis Research

Candidacy Examinations
To obtain Ph.D. candidacy, each student should complete two examination papers, one on Geographical Theory and Methodology, another on one sub-discipline of their specialization such as Human Geography, Urban Geography, Physical Geography, Environmental and Resource Management, and Geoinformation Science. Within 6 months after passing the candidacy examination, the student must submit a thesis proposal.

Computational Social Science (CSS) Concentration
Applicants who would like to study in the Computational Social Science (CSS) Concentration under the PhD Stream should apply before commencing their studies at CUHK. For details, please visit the CSS PhD Fellowship Scheme@CUHK homepage for more information.


Please visit the Graduate School website for details.