Department of Geography and Resource Management (GRM), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Research Collaborations

Study on the Planning and Management of Hong Kong Geopark

Private: Prof. NG Sai Leung



Li Jiang-feng (China University of Geosciences)

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Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, Hong Kong SAR Government

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A geopark is a unique natural area with special geological significance which serves three objectives of conservation, education and sustainable development. The establishment of Hong Kong Geopark aims to conserve the unique landforms and landscape in the territory. Through protecting the physical environment, the survival base for sustaining local biological species and communities can be conserved. Specifically, the proposed geopark will include 2 regions covering 8 geosites in the eastern part of Hong Kong. Each geosite contains a unique and significant geological feature.
It is planned to make application for the Hong Kong to be listed as a national geopark in 2009 and then further as a global geopark in the nearly future. With this in mind, this project aims to prepare two pieces of required documents, i.e., the master plan of Hong Kong Geopark and the handbook for field interpreters, for the geopark application.