Department of Geography and Resource Management (GRM), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Projects & Activities



Project Title (some projects are in Chinese only)

2016 Survey on Clean Recycling 
  A Study on the Modification of Recycling and Refuse Collection Facilities in Public Places 
  Study on Reuse of Sludge in Greening 
2015 Community Assessment — Relocation of Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works to Caverns: Caverns and Sewage Treatment Works 
2014 Independent Expert Reviewer (IER) for “River Flood Risk Study, Stage 2 Package 3 – Feasibility Study
  Rezoning a “Green Belt” Site Adjacent to Dynasty Heights for Housing Development
2013 Feasibility study of self-service bike rental system
  Source Separation of Waste Survey
  A Study on Land Development in Sha Tin
2012 A Study on Transportation Development and Improvement in Kwun Tong
  Ma On Shan Community Study
2011 Mitigation measures for traffic noise of main roads in Kwun Tong
  Historical Study of Ma On Shan Iron Mine
  Improvement of Bus Routes in Sha Tin
  To review the waste management of Tseung Kwan O and to examine its role in the development of Tsueng Kwan O towards a health city


Study on the Need of Constructing a Vehicular Bridge adjacent to the Existing Kwong Fuk Bridge in Tai Po


Planning and Development Study on Ma On Shan Whitehead – Geological Education Centre, Cycling City and Ancillary Facilities


The Study of Health Effects of Transportation Noise in Hong Kong


Provision of Service for a Study on the Planning and Management of Hong Kong Geopark


Consultancy Services for the District Aspiration Study (DAS) for Sham Shui Po District


On-street Survey on the Pedestrian Environment Improvement Scheme in Yuen Long Town


Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge – Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities Investigation: public engagement and social impact assessment


Shatin as a Cycling City

  Enhancing Engineers’ Knowledge on Rock and Geological Conservation


Questionnaire Survey of Users’ Expectations on the Development of Fo Tan Industrial Area


LULU Research Project

  CEDD Urban Soil Specification


Vision Study for Central Piers: A Vision Scheme


Sustainable Urban Communities, Vision and Planning with the Development of Linear City


Tourism Planning and Development Study for Tsuen Wan


Sustainable Urban Development at Yau Tong Bay, Victoria Harbour


Professional Views on the Implementation Plan for Harbour Area Treatment Scheme Stage 2


Participation in public consultation on “The Way Forward for Stage 2 of theHarbour Area Treatment Scheme”. The view expressed on behalf ofthe Centre were submitted to the Environment, Works and Transport Bureau


Participation in Public consultation: View Sharing Session on “Searching for Waste Management Technologies for Hong Kong”

2001 Tsuen Wan Tourism Development and Promotion Strategy




2019 Public Forum on Municipal Solid Waste Charging in Hong Kong
2018 Public Forum on Trail Management (II)
2016 Public Forum on Trail Management
2015 Public Forum: Urban Tree
2014 Public Forum: Green Belt & Housing Supply in HK. Topic:「綠化地帶」:規劃與改劃 (in Chinese)
2013 Earth Day 2013 – Film Show and Forum


Film Show and Public Forum: “In Search of Harmony with Nature: Global Vision and Local Action”


Public Seminar on Solid Waste in Hong Kong


The 11th Cross-strait Symposium on Environment, Resource and Ecological Conservation


Siting Locally Unwanted Land Uses: In Your Backyard or in Mine? Workshop II


Seminar on Tree Conservation and Management: Trees are Our Asset – The Challenges of Tree Conservation and Management


One-day Training Workshop for “Practical Hands-on Experiences on 3D noise assessment and visualization tool”


Seminar on NIMBYism and Environmental Movement in Taiwan


Siting Locally Unwanted Land Uses: In Your Backyard or in Mine? Workshop I


International Conference on Siting Locally Unwanted Facilities: Challenges and Issues


Seminar on Countryside Soundscape


Seminar on Wetland Compensation


Seminars on Trends and Models of Strategic Environmental Assessment in Europe


Conference on Regional Environmental Quality Change and Environmental Security in China


Workshop on Concepts and Practices on Slope Bioengineering


3D EIA and Noise Mapping Techniques: GIS Training for Environmental Protection Department


Lee, W.Y. Joanna and Lo, Zara (2015) Re-contextualizing Tourism in Macao: A Spatial Phenomenon. The International Conference on Sustainable Tourism and Resilient Communities, 6-8 May 2015, organized by Department of Geography and Resource Management, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Shi Y., Ren C., Yim S., Ng E., Zheng Y.S. (2015). Intraurban variability of particulate air pollution in Hong Kong – exploring the influence of building morphology in high density urban environment by using traverse measurement, ICUC9 – 9th International Conference on Urban Climate jointly with 12th Symposium on the Urban Environment.

Zheng Y.S., Ren C., Shi Y., Lau K., Yim S., Ho J., Ng E. (2015). Applying “Local Climate Zone (LCZ)” into a High-density High-rise Cities – A Case Study in Hong Kong, ICUC9 – 9th International Conference on Urban Climate jointly with 12th Symposium on the Urban Environment.

Lai, D.Y.F. (2014). Phosphorus fractions and fluxes in the soils of a free surface flow constructed wetland in Hong Kong. Ecological Engineering, 73, 73-79, doi: 10.1016/j.ecoleng.2014.09.004.

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Wang, W., Lai, D.Y.F., Wang, C., Pan, T., & Zeng, C. (2015). Effects of rice straw incorporation on active soil organic carbon pool in a subtropical paddy field. Soil & Tillage Research, 152, 8-16, doi: 10.1016/j.still.2015.03.011.

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