Department of Geography and Resource Management (GRM), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

The institutional objective of the Centre for Environmental Policy and Resource Management (CEPRM) is to facilitate and coordinate collaborative research in environmental science across departmental boundaries and foster a multi-disciplinary approach to the evaluation and analysis of environmental and resource issues.

The Centre aspires to resolve environmental problems for the benefit of the present and future generations through critical policy analysis, scientific advancement and application of frontier research findings. CEPRM endeavours to integrate scientific research with policy-making, and to provide a forum for informed decision-making through scientific inquiry, open dialogue and public participation.

Our Mission

  • To strike a balance between sustainable development and environmental protection by fostering sound policy-making based on reliable scientific information and understanding of the needs of human beings and nature;
  • To promote wise use of resources based on the principles of sustainability, equity and innovation;
  • To serve the community by being a source of information and a collaborative base of research, creative problem-solving and policy development for professionals, decision-makers and the public;
  • To help build a sustainable society through environmental education, policy analysis and community participations; and
  • To provide consultancy services for the government and the public