Department of Geography and Resource Management (GRM), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Sustainable Urban Communities, Vision and Planning with the Development of Linear City

Project Description

Study Area

Baseline Review

Questionnaire surveys on socio-economic, and environmental aspects had been carried out from December 2004 – April 2005


First Round Multi-Stakeholders’ Meeting

Workshop Highlights


First Multi-stakeholders’ Meeting Album

Second Round Sustainable Development Workshop

Scenario building: Concept Plans

Sceanrio 1 —- Base Case

Scenario 2—- Assume with proposed Northern Link

Scenario 3 —- Assume with proposed Northern Link and Express Rail Link terminate at Kam Sheung Road Station

Discussion Summary

Second Multi-sakeholders’ Workshop Album

Third Round Sustainable Development Workshop

Workshop Highlights

Planing Protocol for Sustainable Development of Rail-served comunities

Third Multi-stakeholders’ Meeting Album


Study Area’s Album

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