Department of Geography and Resource Management (GRM), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Prof. JIN Ting, Scarlett

Faculty Member

Prof. JIN Ting, Scarlett

Assistant Professor

BSc (Tourism Management) (PolyU)
MPhil (Geography) (CUHK)
PhD (Geography) (Ohio State)
Postdoc (Virginia Tech)

(852) 3943-6638


  • Jin, S. T., Lei, Wang, Sui, D. Z. (2023). How the built environment affects E-scooter sharing link flows: A machine learning approach. Journal of Transport Geography.
  • Zhou, Z., , S. T. (Joint first author), Jiang, J., & Kong, H. (2023). The spatial-temporal evolution of public bike-sharing systems in China: The disruption of dockless bike-sharing emergence. Transactions in Urban Data, Science, and Technology. (accepted)
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Teaching Fields

  • Transport Geography
  • Economic Geography
  • Nature-based Tourism
  • Cities of the World

Research interests

  • Shared Mobility
  • Sharing Economy
  • Urban Geography
  • The Future of Work
  • The Social and Urban Impact of Technological Advancement

Services/ Posts

Journal reviewer of Annals of the American Association of Geographers, Journal of Transport Geography, Transportation Research Part D: Transportation and Environment, Journal of Urban Affairs, Transportation, Applied Geography, Applied Energy, Journal of Cleaner Production, Transportmetrica A: Transport Science, Scientific Reports, Transactions in Urban Data, Science, and Technology.
Member, Association of American Geographers (AAG)
Member, Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)
Member, International Association for China Planning (IACP)


Currently I am recruiting postdoctoral fellow and postgraduate student. Candidates with backgrounds in urban geography, GIS, urban planning, or sociology are welcome to apply.