Department of Geography and Resource Management (GRM), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Prof. CHEN Yongqin, David

Faculty Member

Prof. CHEN Yongqin, David


BSc, MSc (Sun Yat-sen)
PhD (Georgia)

(852) 3943-6539


RGC Grant, “Drought hazards in Guangdong province: Spatio-temporal patterns, climatic drivers and societal responses”. Principal Investigator (with CHEN Xiaohong, XU Chong-yu, and ZHOU Wen), 12/2013-06/2016, HK$596,000.

RGC Grant, “The Institutional Hurdles to Effective Strategic Environmental Assessment Practice in China”. Co-investigator (with K.C. Lam, O. Bina, A. English, and H. Xu), 11/2009-10/2011, HK$321,000.

RGC Grant, “Alteration of the Hydrologic Cycle and Sediment Flux in Response to Climate Change and Human Activities in the Pearl River Basin”, Principal Investigator (with CHEN Xi, CHEN Xiaohong, XU Chong-yu, 10/2008-03/2011, HK$343,700.

RGC Grant, “Assessment of Hydrologic Alterations for Water Resources Management in a Rapidly Changing Environment: A Study of the Pearl River Delta “, Principal Investigator (with CHEN Xi, CHEN Xiaohong, SHAO Quanxi, XU Chong-yu, 01/2006-06/2008, HK$539,616.

RGC Grant, “An Assessment of Impacts of Land Use and Land Cover Change on Regional Climate in Pearl River Delta of South China”, Co-investigator (with YANG Limin, LIN Hui and SHAO Yun), 09/2005-08/2007, HK$443,840.

RGC Grant, “Characterization of Low Flows for Water Resources Management in the East River (Dongjiang) Basin”, Principal Investigator (with FUNG Tung, LEUNG Yee, XIA Jun, SHAO Quanxi, CHEN Minjian, and XU Chong-yu), 12/2003-11/2006, HK$742,000.

RGC Grant,Impacts of global climate change and regional land-use alteration on water resources in the Dongjiang (East River) basin”. Principal Investigator (with CHEN Junhe, CHENG Shouquan, FUNG Tung, LAM Kin-che, and LEUNG Yee), 08/1998-02/2002, HK$978,000.


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Teaching Fields

  • Meteorology and Climatology
  • Hydrology and Water Resources Management
  • Natural Hazards

Research interests

  • Hydrologic Analysis and Modeling
  • Hydroclimatology and Climate Change
  • Water Resources Management
  • Environmental Assessment and Sustainability

Services/ Posts

  • Chair, Board of Governors, Conservation E3 Foundation Limited, Hong Kong
  • Member, Strategic Advisory Committee, Hong Kong Observatory
  • Member, Environmental Impact Assessment Appeal Board, Hong Kong SAR Government
  • Member, Hong Kong CDC-HKEAA Committee on Geography
  • Vice President, China Environment, Resources and Ecological Conservation Society
  • Vice President, Commission on Hydrological Sciences, Geographical Society of China
  • Vice President, Commission on Water Resources, Chinese Society of Natural Resources