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Strategic Research Areas


Geographical Modeling and Geocomputation

Geographical modeling and geocomputation aims to enhance our understanding and solutions of real-world problems in human and physical systems, such as urbanization, regional development, hazards dynamics, pollution, and transportation. With the support of geographical information systems (GIS) and remote sensing technologies, the research team will focus on the development of new paradigms for modeling complexity, uncertainty, and self-organization of spatio-temporal human and physical systems; modeling and visualizing spatial and temporal processes with massive multi-source and multi-scale spatial information; and advancing research in big spatial data mining and knowledge discovery, with a commitment to the application of new knowledge to addressing major urban, environmental and societal challenges especially in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta region. By promoting cutting edge research through cross disciplinary interactions, we strive to establish an internationally leading research hub in this area of education, research and practice.

Faculty members:
LEUNG Yee; FUNG Tung; LIN Hui; HUANG Bo; HUANG Yefang, Lucy; WONG Kwan Kit, Frankie.


Other Strategic Research Areas