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Strategic Research Areas


Urban Planning and Sustainability

The industrial revolution and its concomitant version of capitalist development have led to many environmental and social problems at different geographical scales. Climate change and global warming have pointed to a need to decarbonize urban development and planning, an urgent issue to be considered in the rapidly transforming cities and regions in Hong Kong, China and beyond. The hegemony of the market at various scales and in all domains of life has led to the destruction of urban commons and communities. The interdisciplinary research team in GRM has an intense interest to explore how urban planning can help transform urban spaces and places for not only economic growth but also environmental sustainability and social justice. The interdisciplinary team is endeavoured to become a research hub that will provide, among other things, a uniquely Asian perspective in the theories and practices of urban planning that contribute not only to decarbonize urban development but also to promote different stakeholders’ rights to the city and collective development of the urban commons.

Faculty members:
NG Mee Kam; SHEN Jianfa; XU Jiang; HUANG Bo; Murat ES; HE Ying, Sylvia; LEE Wai Ying, Joanna.


Other Strategic Research Areas