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Strategic Research Areas


Urban and Regional Studies

GRM has a very strong research focus on urban and regional studies at different geographical levels: (1) International and regional migration, regional development and regional governance; (2) Intercity competition and cooperation; (3) Urban issues: urban renewal, real estate and housing studies, multiculturalism, the right to the city and production of space. While the research team has a clear geographical focus on China, especially the Pearl River Delta and Hong Kong, members with diverse cultural and education background have also engaged in research on Asia, Europe and North America. The team will endeavour not only to engage cutting-edge literature in the various sub-fields but also attempt to generate insightful and significant research findings for theory building, policy recommendations and practical suggestions for multi-scalar stakeholders, especially those in China and the Pearl River Delta.

Faculty members:
SHEN Jianfa; NG Mee Kam; LEUNG Yee; XU Jiang; Murat ES; HE Ying, Sylvia; HUANG Yefang, Lucy; LEE Wai Ying, Joanna.


Other Strategic Research Areas