Project Study of the "Mapperthon Community Action"

Earth System Model to Understand and Project Hong Kong/Pearl River Delta Air Quality and Its Health Impacts under Climate Change

Impacts of Global Warming On the Risk of Flood and Drought Hazards in China in the 21st Century

Analyzing Modelling Error of Regional Migration Models Using a Simulation Approach

Public Transport Development and Spatial Justice: Investigating the Relationship between MTR Expansion and Socio-Spatial Marginalization in Hong Kong

The 2nd International Conference of Digital Belt and Road and the 3rd International Conference on Remote Sensing Applications in Tropical and Subtropical Areas

Characterizing 'Blue Carbon' Dynamics in Subtropical Mangroves

Urban Crisis and Disaster Risk and Vulnerability Mapping in Hong Kong

Out-of-home Activities and Social Exclusion among Hong Kong's Aging Population: a Study of the Elderly's Activity-travel Patterns and its Implication on Well-being

Promoting e-mobility in Hong Kong: Institutional and Spatial Contexts, Public Acceptance, and the Location Choice of Public EV Charging Facilities

An assessment of Hong Kong’s spatial planning in new towns from the perspectives of job accessibility, transport mobility patterns, and work-life balance

Georeferencing, Orthorectification, Image Fusion and Digitization of WorldView3 Satellite Image

A Write-up on the Cooperation between Futian and Hong Kong in the Greater Bay Area

Investigating Tourism as a Strategy of Recovery from Natural Disasters in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan

China's Resource-based Cities in the Shrinking Paradigm: Population Change, Economic Revitalization, and Urban Liveability

Vastitude (Hong Kong) Technology Co. Ltd. - Provision of Service on the Reception of Satellite Data

CUHK-Exeter Joint Centre for Environmental Sustainability and Resilience (ENSURE)

Utilization of Earth System Modeling and Field Measurements to Understand and Project Hong Kong/Pearl River Delta Air Quality under Climate Change

The Role of Salinity and pH in the Photodegradation and Biodegradation of Dissolved Organic Matter in Eutrophic Wetlands

The Effects of Global Socioeconomic and Emission Scenarios on Land-Use Changes and Regional Climate in China: Utilizing a Multiscale Integrative Environmental Assessment Framework

Spatiotemporal Modeling of Economic Impacts of High-speed Railways in China

Smart and Sustainable Cities: City as Commons

Seeing between the Lines: The New Planning Politics in China as a Fragmented Eco-State

Provision of Service of Sediment Accretion Study in Mai Po and Inner Deep Bay Area

Characterizing the magnitude and variability of greenhouse gas emissions from the rivers in subtropical Hong Kong