Quantifying the Seasonal Changes in Climatic Extremes and Their Implications on Water Hazards in China during the 21st Century

Using Deep Learning to Support Urban Land Use Classification with Optical Imagery and LiDAR Data

Development of a Rapid Assessment Tool for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Emission Control Policies on Ozone Reduction

Community Assessment - Relocation of Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works to Caverns: Caverns and Sewage Treatment Works

Understanding the Demand for Electric Vehicles in Beijing

Air Quality in the Hong Kong/Pearl River Delta Region under the Influences of Global Climate Change: An Integrated Earth System Science Approach

PM2.5 Study for Air Quality Improvement in the Pearl River Delta Region - Field Sampling and Laboratory Analysis of PM2.5 Samples in Macau

Comparing the Perceptions and Benefits of Tranquility in Typical Park Landscapes in Mainland China and Hong Kong by Visitor Numbers

Intelligent Open Urban Informatics Platform and Applications in Air-Quality and Personalized Healthcare Monitoring and Analysis for Active and Healthy Living in Smart Cities

An Integrated Approach to Air Pollution Monitoring and Analysis in the Urban Environment

Place-making and Well-being: An Interdisciplinary and Exploratory Study

Development of Geographic-feature-based PSInSAR 3D Deformation Monitoring System

Risk Assessment of Floods and Droughts in China during the 21st Century under the Changing Climate

Combining Hyperspectral Data and Canopy Height Data from Unmanned Airborne System (UAS) for Mangrove Habitat Mapping and Monitoring

Effects of Experimental Litterfall and Throughfall Manipulations on Soil Greenhouse Gas Exchange in a Subtropical Secondary Forest

Advancing Air Quality, Food Security and Human Health under Global Climate Change

Research on the Tomo-PSInSAR Method for Cost-effective and High-accuracy Monitoring of Hong Kong's Infrastructure and Built Environment

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Advancing Air Quality, Food Security and Human Health under Global Climate Change

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Training Workshops for Nurturing the Higher Order Thinking Skills of Gifted/ More Able Students in Mathematics through Thematic Interdisciplinary Studies on Air Pollution

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Study on Reuse of Sludge in Greening

Effects of Land Use and Land Cover Change on Soil Organic Carbon Fractions in the Subtropical Coastal Wetlands

Provision of Service on the Reception of Satellite Data

Services on the Modification of Recycling and Refuse Collection Facilities in Public Places