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Urban & Regional Development


Within this concentration, there is a wide variety of courses addressing the dynamics of urban growth, global economy and development processes of regions, with special emphasis on the development in China and Pacific-Asia. Through lectures, tutorials, organized field trips, as well as the use of both local and international case studies, students examine the spatial organization of cities, the world spatial economy, behaviours of individual agents, and collective choice in the form of urban physical planning. Courses within this concentration also emphasize the understanding of the effects of urban development, such as transport, housing, welfare and the location and relocation of economic activities in space. On a regional scale, students are also exposed to the different forces that contribute to development, including the world economy, the cultural dimension, population growth and regional development policies.

Students may choose to declare this area of concentration by taking at least 12 units of courses below, with at least one course from GRMD2321 or GRMD3323:

GRMD 2303 Urban Geography
GRMD 2321 Economic Geography
GRMD 2501 Theory and Practice of Smart Cities
GRMD 3302 Population and Migration
GRMD 3304 Cultural Geography
GRMD 3305 Transport Geography
GRMD 3323 Urban and Regional Planning
GRMD 4302 Urban Planning Workshop
GRMD 4402 World Development
GRMD 4503 Smart City Policies and Governance


1. Please refer to the CUHK Undergraduate Student Handbook for course description and prerequisite conditions of some courses.

2. Some courses may not be offered every year. Please check the Registration and Examinations Section of CUHK for courses offered in current year.