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Physical Environment and Resource Management


This concentration begins with a balanced introduction to hydrology, geomorphology, pedology, biogeography and climatology. Students are then exposed to more advanced study of environmental issues and the management of natural resources. Materials are generally taught in a system context and emphasis is placed on the integration of these various fields. Most courses also develop workshop, laboratory and/or fieldwork skills.

This concentration area enriches students with knowledge on various energy types and the methods, advantages and disadvantages of their utilization. Students will be exposed to different energy and environmental policies to understand their application and design. Furthermore, a particular focus of the training will be on the skills of critical thinking and in-depth analysis to employ the knowledge for finding solutions to real-world problems of resource and the environment.

Students may choose to declare this area of concentration by taking at least 12 units of courses below, with at least one course from GRMD3202 or GRMD3205:

GRMD 2209 Physical Geology
GRMD 2221 Weather and Climate
GRMD 2401 Sustainable Development
GRMD 2402 Natural Resource Management
GRMD 2403 Nature Conservation in Hong Kong
GRMD 3202 Environmental Management
GRMD 3203 Urban Environmental Problems
GRMD 3205 Geomorphology
GRMD 3209 Soil Science
GRMD 3224 Tourism Planning and Management
GRMD 3403 Methods for Resource Evaluation and Planning
GRMD 3404 Natural Hazards and Human Responses
GRMD 4202 Hydrology and Water Resources
GRMD 4203 Ecosystem Restoration and Management
GRMD 4204 Environmental Planning and Assessment
GRMD 4401 Energy Resources


1. Please refer to the CUHK Undergraduate Student Handbook for course description and prerequisite conditions of some courses.

2. Some courses may not be offered every year. Please check the Registration and Examinations Section of CUHK for courses offered in current year.