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Physical & Environmental Systems


This concentration begins with a balanced introduction to hydrology, geomorphology, pedology, biogeography and climatology. Students are then exposed to more advanced study of environmental issues and the management of natural resources. Materials are generally taught in a system context and emphasis is placed on the integration of these various fields. Most courses also develop workshop, laboratory and/or fieldwork skills.

This concentration area is recommended for students who are interested in the physical environment and how it is manipulated by humans at a variety of levels. Students who wish to focus on this concentration area may also develop skills in remote sensing and/or statistical and data analysis.

These courses have also attracted students from Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Science, who will be able to used the skills developed to solve real world problems that require the integration of data from a variety of sources.

Courses in this category:
GRMD 2209 Physical Geology
GRMD 2221 Weather and Climate #
GRMD 3202 Environmental Management
GRMD 3203 Urban Environmental Problems
GRMD 3205 Geomorphology #
GRMD 3209 Soil Science #
GRMD 4202 Hydrology and Water Resources
GRMD 4203 Ecosystem Restoration and Management
GRMD 4204 Environmental Planning and Assessment


#: Students must take at least one course in this category.



1. Please refer to the CUHK Undergraduate Student Handbook for course description and prerequisite conditions of some courses.

2. Some courses may not be offered every year. Please check the Registration and Examinations Section of CUHK for courses offered in current year.