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  UGEC 2201 理想人居環境的追尋
Pursuit of Ideal Living Environment

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Course Description
Number of Units: 3
Lecture Hours: 2 hours/week + tutorials
Course Teachers: Dr. LEE Wai Ying, Joanna
  Prof. HE Ying, Sylvia (
Language of Instruction: Cantonese  
Course Outline
The pursuit of ideal living environment has long been a human undertaking throughout history. Because of environmental variations, some places are definitely better than the others for living and development. In the ancient time, man strived for searching a nice place for settlement where could provide a better resource base. Nowadays, man acquires sciences and technologies to change or even create the environment that makes living pleasant and comfortable. This course provides the student with the insights needed to gain an understanding of ideal environment for living from the perspective of a geographer. Topics include environmental perception, siting and location, urbanization, land use and functions, urban planning, urban design, architecture and interior design. As the course examines the understanding of ideal environment for living from different angles, students will not only gain objective geographical knowledge about the relationship between man and environment, but also learn how some urban challenges and issues are tackled. While the coverage will be broad and pluralistic, examples and cases of mainland China and Hong Kong will be emphasized.
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Course Highlights

1. Introduction to Geography: Spatial variation  
2. Environmental perception: Components of an "ideal" environment  
3. Searching the best location  
Siting: From ancient feng shui to modern Locational Theory  
Tour around major cities in China: nature, roles and levels of development  
4. The rise of city  
Urbanization: an improvement of efficiency  
Urban planning and land use: a geographical approach to conflict  
Cityscape: from landmarks to city functions  
5. Forms of human settlement  
Architecture: The interface between man and environment  
Garden: A simulation of natural environment  
Interior design: Home sweet home  
6. Ideal living and Quality of Life  


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