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  UGEC 2171 可持續發展
Sustainable Development

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Course Description
Number of Units: 3
Lecture Hours: 2 hours/week + Tutorials
Course Teachers: Prof. Lawal M. MARAFA (
  Prof. YIM Hung Lam, Steve (
Language of Instruction: English  
Course Outline
How did the Johannesburg Summit come about? What is sustainable development? This course addresses some fundamental issues related to the increasingly popular idea of sustainable development. We shall begin by examining the historical development of the concept of sustainable development and its contradictions. This discussion serves as a background for latter topics explored in the course, including the relationship between population and environment, gender and development, trade and sustainability as well as the opportunities offered by ecotourism and sustainable food production as alternatives to “traditional” practices. The role of important actors ranging from inter-governmental organizations (e.g. the United Nations and the World Bank), national governments, NGOs, civil organizations and society in pursuing sustainable development will also be studied. In addition to case studies pertaining to Hong Kong, examples from different parts of the world will also be illustrated to underline the tight inter-connections between processes in different regions and across geographical scales in the context of sustainable development.
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