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  UGEB 1115 氣候變化:科學,社會及公眾教育
Climate Change: Science, Society and Public Education

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Course Description
Number of Units: 3
Lecture Hours: 2 hours/week + tutorials
Course Teachers: Prof. Lau Ngar Cheung (
Language of Instruction: Cantonese and English  
Course Outline

The global science community has reached the consensus that climate change will pose serious threats to our future. Science messages on climate change have to be communicated to the public so that concerted efforts by organizations and individuals can be made to counter its ill effects. The course will be tailored with due regard to the actual situation in Hong Kong, and will provide students with the science basis of climate change as well as informal learning experiences including real-life practicing opportunities of climate change adaption, mitigation and public education in the local setting. Science principles underlying the causes of climate change, its impacts on global climate and the environment, as well as efforts aimed at mitigating the consequences will be discussed in the course. In the local context, students will learn the various means by which sustainable and cost-effective means of carbon emission reduction could be achieved in Hong Kong. Students will also learn how to promote public awareness of climate change by understanding the work of The Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change (MoCC).

They will obtain hands-on experiences with the design of interactive science exhibits and organization of extension programmes which serve to elucidate the concept of climate change. Students can also develop creativity and communication skills as they plan, design and implement an environmental conservation outreach programme for MoCC. At the conclusion of this course, students will have a firm understanding of the subject matter and will be in a better position to promote public awareness of climate change which is crucial to conserving the environment.

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a photo of UN Climate Change Conference
Course Highlights
- Climate Change 1: Scientific basis  
- Climate Change 2: Impacts of climate change to the world and to Hong Kong
- Climate Change 3: Think global, act local: Mitigation of climate change
- Adaption & mitigation of climate change 1: Essential framework of carbon audit  
- Adaption & mitigation of climate change 2: Data collection and analysis of carbon audit  
- Adaption & mitigation of climate change 3: Carbon reduction recommendations  
- Public education of climate change 1 : Museum management basics and museum's impacts on climate change public education  
- Public education of climate change 2: Exhibits, exhibitions and collection of climate change education  
- Public education of climate change 3: Audience development, education programmes and outreaching of climate change education  
- Museum Fieldwork: Experience-sharing with museum professionals and behind-the-scene tours  
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