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Professor NG Sai Leung (伍世良教授)


Associate Professor

BSc, MPhil (CUHK)
MDiv (Heritage)
PhD (Western Ontario)

(852) 3943-6527

Teaching Fields

Environmental Studies

Research Interests

Soil erosion and conservation
Environmental management
Geopark & geoconservation
Quality of Life


Director, Center for Environmental Policy and Resource Management, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (since 2009)
Director, Center for Quality of Life, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (since 2009)
Vice-chairman, Association for Geoconservation, Hong Kong (2007-2013)
Secretary, The Greater China Environment, Resources and Ecological Conservation Society (since 2005)
Member, The Geographical Society of China (since 2004)
Member, S.H. Ho College Committee of Scholarships, Awards, Financial Aids and Grants (Since 01/03/2010)
Vice-chairman, The Geological Society of Hong Kong (1998-2004)

Selected Publications

Ng, S.L. (2013) “Hong Kong Geopark: a Paradigm of Urban Sustainable Tourism” Asian Geographer (Accepted, forthcoming).

Qin, J. & S.L. Ng (2012) “Estimation of Effective Roughness for Water-Worked Gravel Surfaces.” Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 138(11):923-934.

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Qin, J., D. Zhong, G. Wang & S.L. Ng (2012) “On characterization of the imbrication of armored gravel surfaces.”  Geomorphology 159–160:  116–124.

Ng, S.L., L.M. Chu, L. Li & J. Qin (2011) “Performance assessment of slope greening techniques in Hong Kong.”  Asian Geographer 28(2):135-145.

Qin, J. & S.L. Ng (2011) “Multifractual Characterization of Water-worked Gravel Surfaces” Journal of Hydraulic Research 49(3):345-351.

Ng, S.L., J.F. Li, S.M. Fang & Y.C.Y. Ng (2011) “Geodiversity and Geoconservation in Hong Kong.” Asian Geographer 27(1-2): 1-11.

Li L., Z.H. Shi, W. Yin, D. Zhu, S.L. Ng, C.F. Cai, A.L. Lei (2009) “A fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (FAHP) approach to eco-environmental vulnerability assessment for the Danjiangkou reservoir area, China.” Ecological Modelling 220(23):3439-3447.

Ng, S.L., Q.G Cai, S.W. Ding, K.C. Chau & J. Qin (2008) “Effects of Contour Hedgerows on Water and Soil Conservation, Crop Productivity and Nutrient Budget for Slope Farmland in the Three Gorges Region (TGR) of China.” Agroforestry Systems 74:279-291.

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Lam, K.C., S.L. Ng, W.C. Hui & P.K. Chan (2005) “Environmental Quality of Urban Parks and Open Spaces in Hong Kong.” Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 111:55-73.

Ng, S.L. (2005) “Subjective Residential Environment and its Implications for Quality of Life among University Students in Hong Kong.” Social Indicators Research 71:467-489.

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Ng, S.L. & F.S. Sin (2003) “A Diatom Model For Inferring Sea Level Change In The Coastal Waters Of Hong Kong.” Journal of Paleolimnology 30:427-440.

Ng, S.L. & S. Leung (2003) “Behavioral Response of Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin (Sousa chinensis) to Vessel Traffic.” Marine Environmental Research 56:555-567.

Ng, S.L., L.S. Chan, K.C. Lam & W.K. Chan (2003) “Heavy Metal Contents and Magnetic Properties of Playground Dust in Hong Kong.” Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 89:221-232.

Chan, L.S., S.L. Ng, C.H. Yeung, W.W.S. Yim & A.M. Davis (2001) “Magnetic Properties and Heavy Metal Content of Contaminated Seabed Sediments in Penny’s Bay, Hong Kong.” Marine Pollution Bulletin 42(7):569-583.

Ng, S.L. & K.C. Lam (2001) “Respiratory Suspended Particulate (RSP) Concentration and its Implications to Roadside Workers: A Case Study of Hong Kong.” Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 72:235-247.

Ng, S.L. & R.H. King (1999) “Development of a Diatom-based Specific Conductivity Model for Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction of Glacio-isostatic Lakes of Truelove Lowland, Devon Island, N.W.T., Canada”. Journal of Paleolimnology 22:367-382.

Lam, K.C., S.L. Ng & R.J. Neller (1993) “Fate of Biological and Chemical Contaminants from On-site Disposal of Liquid Piggery Wastes: Results from a Soil Column Study”. Water Science and Technology 27:63-75.

Research Projects

Principal Investigator, "CUHK Hong Kong Quality of Life Index- Environmental Sub-index", Direct Grant, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (2005-2013).

Principal Investigator, "Can we make slopes greener? A critical evaluation of slope bioengineering measures in Hong Kong"(HK$443,840), Competitive Earmarked Research Grant, funded by Research Grant Council, Hong Kong SAR Government. (2005-2008).

Principal Investigator, "Soil and Nutrient Dynamics as a Function of Terracing Methods in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area in China: A Multi-disciplinary Investigation"(HK$443,840), Competitive Earmarked Research Grant, funded by Research Grant Council, Hong Kong SAR Government. (2002-2005).