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Professor LI Jing, Victor


Assistant Professor

Bsc (Peking)
MA (Renmin)
PhD (PolyU)

(852) 3943-6537


Teaching Fields

Urban Studies
Housing Policy
Land Development
Belt and Road

Research Interests

Urban Studies
Housing Economics
Sustainable Development
Belt and Road


Editorial Board, The Journal of Atmospheric & Earth Sciences
Deputy Director, Center of Land Resource and Housing Policy, IOFC
Coordinator, Curriculum and Teaching Committee, URSP
Coordinator, Department Seminar, GRM
Coordinator, Internship Programme, URSP
Member, Staff-Student Consultative Committee, GRM
Member, Library Committee, GRM
Member, Green Committee, GRM

Selected Publications

Cheong, T. S., Li, V. J., & Shi, X. (2018). Regional disparity and convergence of electricity consumption in China: A distribution dynamics approach. China Economic Review, forthcoming

Li, J., Cheong, T.S., Shen, J.F. & Fu, D.H. (2018). Urbanization and Rural-Urban Consumption Disparity: Evidence from China. Singapore Economic Review, forthcoming

Cheong, T.S., Cheng, A. & Li, J. (2018). Evolutionary trend of foreign investment in China: A combined decomposition and transitional dynamics approach.  Singapore Economic Review, forthcoming

Li, J. (2018). Married to Property? Housing Price and Fertility Rate Revisited.  International Journal of Home Economics, forthcoming

Cheong, T. S. & Li, J. (2018). Transitional Distribution Dynamics of Housing Affordability in Australia, Canada and USA. International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis, 11, 204-222

Li, J., Cheng, A., & Cheong, T.S. (2017). Home Purchase Restriction and Housing Price: A Distribution Dynamics Analysis. Regional Science and Urban Economics, 67, 1-10

Choy, L.T.C., Li, J. (2017). The Role of Higher Education in China’s Inclusive Urbanization. Cities, 60, 504-510

Wei, Y.G., Huang, C., Li, J., Xie, L. (2016). An Evaluation Model for Urban Carrying Capacity: A Case Study of China’s Mega-Cities. Habitat International, 53, 87-96
Li, J. (2016). Housing Policies in Hong Kong, China and the People's Republic of China. ADBI Working Paper No. 566.

Li, J., & Xu, Y. (2016). Evaluating restrictive measures containing housing prices in China: A data envelopment analysis approach. Urban Studies, 53(12), 2654-2669.
Chiang, Y.H., Li, J., Zhou, L., Wong, F.K.W. Lam, P.T.I. (2015). The nexus among employment opportunities, life-cycle costs, and carbon emissions: A case study of sustainable building maintenance in Hong Kong. Journal of Cleaner Production, 109, 326-335.

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Li, J., Chiang, Y.H., Zhou, L., Choi, T.N.Y. (2014). Measuring Carbon Emission from Energy Consumption in a Hong Kong Family. Facilities, 32(7/8), 324-341.

Chiang, Y.H., Zhou, L., Li, J., Lam, P.T.I., Wong, F.K.W. (2014). Achieving Sustainable Building Maintenance through Optimizing Life-cycle Carbon, Cost and Labor: A Case in Hong Kong. Journal of Construction and Engineering Management, 140(3), 05014001

Li, J. (2013). What causes China's property boom? Property Management, 31(1), 4-21.

Li, J., Chiang, Y. H., Choi, T. N., & Man, K. F. (2013). Determinants of efficiency of contractors in Hong Kong and China: Panel data model analysis. Journal of construction engineering and management, 139(9), 1211-1223

Chiang, Y.H., Li, J., Choi, T., Man, K.F. (2013). Evaluating Construction Contractors’ Efficiency in Hong Kong Using Data Envelopment Analysis Assurance Region Model. Journal of Facilities Management, 11(1), 52-68

Zhou, L., Li, J., Chiang, Y.H. (2013). Promoting Energy Efficient Building in China through Clean Development Mechanism. Energy Policy, 57(6), 338-346

Li, J., & Chiang, Y. H. (2012). What pushes up China's real estate price? International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis, 5(2), 161-176.

Li, J. (2012). What Causes Insufficient Affordable Housing Provision in China? Hong Kong Institute of Planners Journal, 27 (1), 46-57.

Chiang, Y.H., Li, J., Choi, T., Man, K.F. (2012). Comparing China Mainland and China Hong Kong Contractors’ Productive Efficiency: A DEA Malmquist Productivity Index Approach. Journal of Facilities Management, 10(3), 179-197

Chiang, Y.H., Choy, L.T.C., Li, J. (2012). Public Expenditure and Property Cycle: The Case in Shanghai. Journal of Construction in Developing Countries, 17(1), 87-101

Li, J., Chiang, Y. H., & Choy, L. (2011). Central–local conflict and property cycle: A Chinese style. Habitat International, 35(1), 126-132.


Research Projects

Principal Investigator

Determinants of Rural-Urban Consumption Disparity: Evidence from China. CUHK Direct Grant for Research (2017)


分阶段流迁视角下外来务工人员住房路径研究:机理与实证.National Science Foundation of China (2019-2021)

A multi-dimensional “point-line-plane” approach for industrial heritage conservation in Hong Kong: A case study of Ma On Shan (MOS) Iron Mine. Funding Scheme for Thematic Research on Built Heritage Conservation, Development Bureau of Hong Kong (2018-2020)

The Evolutionary Trend of International Income Inequality: An Analysis of Decomposition and Transitional Dynamics. Faculty Development Scheme, Research Grants Council of Hong Kong (2017-2019)

Housing Policies for Inclusive Growth in Asia, ADB-ADBI Flagship Project (2014-2015)