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Dr. HUANG Yefang, Lucy (黃葉芳博士)


Senior Lecturer

BSc (Shanghai)
MSc (East China Normal)

(852) 3943-6596

Teaching Fields

Introductory Geography
Urban and Regional Development
Statistical Applications in Geography
Global Food Resources

Research Interests

Regional Economic Development in China
Urban Studies
Statistical Analysis in Geography


Chairperson, Staff-Student Consultative Committee, GRM, CUHK
Shaw College Coordinator, GRM, CUHK
Mainland Admissions Coordinator, GRM, CUHK
Member, Admissions and School Partnership Committee, GRM, CUHK
Member, Library Committee, GRM, CUHK
Member, Scholarship and Student Exchange Committee, GRM, CUHK
Member, Student Discipline Committee, Faculty of Social Science, CUHK
Lady Warden of Hostel II, Shaw College, CUHK
Ex-officio Member, Student Hostel Management Committee, Shaw College, CUHK
Member, Residence Selection Sub-Committee, Shaw College, CUHK
Member, General Education Committee, Shaw College, CUHK
Member, Student Discipline Committee, Shaw College, CUHK
Secretary, Commission of Quantitative Geography, The Geographical Society of China

Selected Publications

Huang Y (2015), Population Inequality in Hong Kong: from Poverty to Social Exclusion, presented in the IGU Regional Conference “Geography, Culture and Society for our Future Earth”, Moscow, August 2015

Huang Y (2014) The Development of Shanghai as an International Shipping Centre, presented in the IGU Regional Conference: Changes Challenges Responsibility, Organized by International Geographical Union, Kraków, Poland, August 2014

Huang Y (2009), The Growth of Global hub Port Cities under Globalisation: The Case of Shanghai International Shipping Centre, International Development Planning Review, Vol. 31, Iss. 4, pp 423-444.

Huang Y and Y Leung (2009), Measuring Regional Inequality: A Comparison of Coefficient of Variation and Hoover Concentration Index, The Open Geography Journal, Vol. 2, pp. 25-34.

Huang Y (2008), Chapter 11: Guangxi, In Y Yeung and J Shen (eds), The Pan-Pearl River Delta: an Emerging Regional Economy in a Globalizing China, Hong Kong: The Chinese University Press, pp 299-329.

Huang Y, Y Leung and J Shen (2007), Cities and Globalization: An International Cities Perspective, Urban Geography, Vol. 28, No.3, 209-231.

黃葉芳, 梁怡, 沈建法 (2007), 全球化與城市國際化: 國際城市的一項實證研究, <<世界地理研究>>, 第16卷, 第2期, 1-9頁

Huang Y. and J. Shen (2004), Chapter 18 Guangxi, In Y. Yeung and J. Shen (eds), Developing China's West: A Critical Path to Balanced National Development, Hong Kong: Chinese University Press, 463-502.

Shen J. and Y. Huang (2003), "The Working and Living Space of the 'Floating Population' in China", Asian Pacific Viewpoint, 44(1), 51-62.

Huang Y. (2002), "Decomposition of Regional Inequalities in Jiangsu since 1978", Asian Geographer 21(1-2), 145-158.

Huang Y. and Y. Leung (2002) "Analysis Regional Industrialisation in Jiangsu Province Using Geographically Weighted Regression", Journal of Geographical Systems, 4, 233-249.

Huang Yefang (2000) "Spatial Dynamics of Industrialization in Jiangsu Province of China", The Journal of Chinese Geography, vol. 10, no. 2, pp. 129-140.