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Dr. Murat Es



BA (History) (Bogazici University)
MA (Sociology) (Bogazici University)
PhD (UNC - Chapel Hill)

(852) 3943-9391


Teaching Fields

Cultural Geography
Urban Studies

Research Interests

Ethno-national belonging, race, and multiculturalism
Transnational migration
Religion and secularism
Right to the city
Urban development

Services/ Posts

Secretary, Urban Studies Programme, CUHK
Research Fellow, Institute of Future Cities, CUHK
Faculty Affiliate, Research Center on Migration and Mobility, CUHK

Selected Publications

Hoyng, Rolien and Murat Es (2017). Conspiratorial webs: Media ecology and parallel realities in Turkey. International Journal of Communication 11: 4219-4238.

Es, Murat (2016). Turkish-Dutch mosques and the formation of moral subjects. Social and Cultural Geography 17 (7): 825-848.

Es, Murat (2013). Alevis in cemevis: Religion and secularism in Turkey. In Topographies of faith: Religion in urban spaces, ed. Marian Burchardt, Jose Casanova and Irene Becci (pp. 25-45). Leiden and Boston: Brill.

Es, Murat (2011). Imagining European mosques: What lies beyond the politics of visibility? In The ethnically diverse city: Future urban research in Europe 4, ed. John Eade and Frank Eckardt (pp. 249-273). Berlin: Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag.

Es, Murat (2011). Frank Miller’s 300: Civilizational exclusivism and the spatialized politics of spectatorship. Aether: The Journal of Media Geography 8B: 6-39.