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Postgraduate Students



Ph.D Students
Name   Research Interest E-mail
Cai Jiajun  

* Remote sensing image quality improvement
* Deep learning
Cao Zhilu  

* Political-Economic geography
* Urban governance
He Xuan  

* Travel behavior
* Transportation planning
Huang Tao, Oliver  

* Atmospheric dynamics
* Weather and climate change
* Air pollution and public health
Lau Hoi Lung, Johnny   * Urban agriculture
* Food system resilience
* Food education
Li Sen  

* Population migration
* Urban and regional development
Liu Cancan  

* Hydro-climatology
* Climate extremes
* Hydrology and water resources management
Liu Hao  

* Remote sensing image processing
* Deep learning
Liu Yu  

* Urban sustainable development
* Spatial analysis
Lou Duo  

* Soil respiration
* Carbon recycling
Luo Shuli  

* Mobility and social inequality
Pan Guanna  

* Air pollution monitoring & emission source identification
Pan Mingmin  

* Urban regeneration
* Revitalization of industrial sites
Pan Yu   * Green building
Rakhiemah Aldilla, Dilla   * Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)
* Energy and Environmental Policy
Shi Dehao  

* Urbanization
* Regional Development
* Urban and rural governance
Sun Peifeng  

* Spatial Analysis
Tan Xingye   * Urban Complexity
Wang Chenglong  

* Population migration
* Regional development
* Border study
Wang Fei  

* GIS & Stream Computing
Wang Mengya  

* Air quality and climate change
Xu Xinli   * Energy and environmental policy
* Electrification of energy reservices
Yan Xiaoxi, Jessie   * GIS & Remote Sensing
* Energy and Environment researches
Yang Yinghui, Wendy   * Sustainable tourism
* Eco-leisure
Yao Shiqi   * Air pollution
Ying Hanchi   * Remote sensing
Zhang Yexiao  

* Population migration
* Urban and rural planning
Zhao Hewei, Will   * Tree physiology
* Wetland ecology
Zhou Tongtong, Amy   * hydroponics technology
* hydroponics vegetables
Zhou Zhengke   * Economic geography
* Urban and regional development/governance in China
* Green economy and green industry
Zhu Jiachen   * Climate change
* Air pollution
Zhu Jiageng   * Heritage conservation
* Urban studies
Zou Guannan   * Politics of scale
* Urban and regional governance in China
* Urban planning
M.Phil. Students
Name   Research Interest E-mail
Gong Weihang   * Transport and regional mobility
* Travel behaviour and its impact on city structure
Lau Sin Tung, Giovanna  

* Wetland ecology and conservation
* Ornithological research
Lau Yuk Tai  

* Travel behaviour 
* Commuting and wellbeing
Law Lok Man, Tian  

*Natural resource management
* Resource sustainability
Ma Tsz Hin, Anson  

* Ecotourism
* Protected area management
Mok Tsz Yan  

* Trail conservation
* Spatial analysis
Wang Daikun  

* Mass appraisal of real estate
* Urban studies
* Smart city
Yeung Ha Chi  

* Geographies of inequality
* Colonial urbanism