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Soils and Geomorphology Laboratory (FYB 202)


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The Soils and Geomorphology Laboratory is equipped for the teaching and research in soil science, landscape ecology and geomorphology.  Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, graphite furnace, Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP), UV Spectrophotometer, Tecator digestion block and distillation assembly, flow injection analyzer are available for the chemical analysis of soil, vegetation and water samples. Pipette centrifuge, laser particle sizers, petrologic and biologic microscopes with camera and image capturing software, Lintab Tree-Ring Measuring System and an optically stimulated luminescence dating unit are provided for mineralogical, petrologic, sedimentological and micropalaeontological research and teaching. The laboratory is also equipped with pressure plate extractor, time domain reflectometer, and a wide range of field equipment for the study of soils in the field.  A greenhouse with benches for pot experiment and computer-controlled growth chambers is located at close proximity to the department.  In addition, a rainfall and soil erosion simulation system and profile laser scanner used for erosion study is available in the Physical Geography Experimental Station.