Department of Geography and Resource Management (GRM), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Research Projects

Joint Research Project (Developing Nature-based Solutions for Nepal Following a Nexus Approach towards Sustaining Forestry, Water Resources and Livelihoods)

Dr. WANG Lang

Global climate change, rising urban centric population, unplanned land utilization, shortage of clean water supply and reliable forest resources, and land degradation have posed serious threats to Nepal’s sustainable development. To successfully address these threats requires Nature-based Climate Solutions (NCS). This novel approach creates new opportunities for sustainable development in Nepal. As one of the most important natural resources after water in Nepal, innovative forestry practices such as ‘Community Forestry’ is recognized as an effective way to adapt and mitigate climate change and improve the local environment and people’s livelihood as a nature-based solution for many emerging development issues. The nexus approach of Forestry, Water Resources and Livelihoods following NCS is a promising approach to take advantage of the ‘power of integration’ for achieving the national sustainable development goals. Research findings and principles of sustainability sciences developed from developing and developed countries must be adapted to unique local conditions such as those found in Nepal. Thus, multi-level cross regional cooperation is required to address the science questions and develop technology to solve the emerging complex problems facing Nepal and similar nations in Southeast Asia.