Department of Geography and Resource Management (GRM), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Research Projects

Conviviality in World Cities: Religion, Masculinity, and Belonging among Young South Asian Muslim Men in Hong Kong

Dr. Murat ES

This study explores the ways in which urban spaces, global discourses about cultural diversity, and transnational ethno-religious practices partake in the production of urban conviviality in Hong Kong by looking at how young South Asian Muslim men negotiate their masculinity in everyday encounters. South Asian Muslims have been present in this city since the earliest days of the colonial rule under the United Kingdom, but they are still seen as cultural outsiders today. Contemporary debates about Hong Kong’s postcolonial future, its global connections, and ambivalent national identity revolve mainly around the territory’s uneasy reintegration to mainland China. However, accommodation of non-Chinese groups is just as important to achieve peaceful coexistence in this world city. Through a multi-method approach with a strong

ethnographic component, this research will examine how young South Asian Muslim men and their Chinese interlocutors articulate multicultural belonging to Hong Kong.