Department of Geography and Resource Management (GRM), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Dr. CHIU Hon Chim

Faculty Member

Dr. CHIU Hon Chim


BSc, PhD (HKU)

(852) 3943-0533


Wong, T.L. & Chiu, H.C. (2022). Extreme Storm Events as Threats to Coastal Communities: A Study of Big Wave Bay Using Map and Aerial Photo Information. Surveying & Built Environment. 31(2):6-21 [Link]

Li, Z., Zhu, R., Gao, Y., Chiu, H.C., & Liao, H. (2020). Recrystallization of Holocene calcareous root tubes in the Tengger Desert, Northwest China and its effects on the reliability of paleoenvironmental reconstruction results. Quaternary International. 562:85-93

Tse, K.C., Chiu, H.C., Tsang, M.Y., Li, Y. and Lam, E.Y. (2019) An unsupervised learning approach to study synchroneity of past events in the South China Sea. Frontiers of Earth Science, 13(3): 628-640.

Tse, K.C., Chiu, H. C., Tsang, M. Y., Li, Y., Lam, E. Y. (2019) Unsupervised learning on scientific ocean drilling datasets from the South China Sea. Frontiers of Earth Science. 13(1):180-190

Chiu, H.C., Chan, E.T.K., Lee, K.W., Leung, S.M., Leung, Y.T. (2018) Beach Recovery Processes in Urban Beach Systems : A Study in Hong Kong after an Extreme Storm Event. LIFE+FLANDRE international workshop on Management of Coastal Dunes and Sandy Beaches (LIFE+12 NAT/BE/000631/FLANDRE), France, Jun 2018. [Link to access]

Yu, F., Switzer, A.D., Lau, A.Y.A., Yeung, H.Y.E., Chik, S.W., Chiu, H.C., Huang, Z., Pile, J. (2013) A comparison of the post-storm recovery of two sandy beaches on Hong Kong Island, southern China. Quaternary International. 304:163-175

Teaching Fields

Physical Geography
Natural Hazards

Research interests

Sedimentary basins in South China
Sedimentary and geomorphology of lake systems
Himalayan river and lake systems
Coastal hazards

Services/ Posts

President, Geological Society of Hong Kong [Link]
Member, CDC-HKEAA Committee on Geography