Department of Geography and Resource Management (GRM), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Dr. CHIU Hon Chim

Faculty Member

Dr. CHIU Hon Chim


BSc, PhD (HKU)

(852) 3943-0533


Project Overseer, APEC Projects in Emergency Preparedness Working Group of SOM Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation, “Enhancing Natural Disaster Preparedness through Understanding Tsunami Risks” (EPWG 02 2020A, 2020-21 Session 2, USD$150,000)


Li, Z., Zhu, R., Gao, Y., Chiu, H.C., & Liao, H. (2020). Recrystallization of Holocene calcareous root tubes in the Tengger Desert, Northwest China and its effects on the reliability of paleoenvironmental reconstruction results. Quaternary International. 562:85-93

Tse, K.C., Chiu, H.C., Tsang, M.Y., Li, Y. and Lam, E.Y. (2019) An unsupervised learning approach to study synchroneity of past events in the South China Sea. Frontiers of Earth Science, 13(3): 628-640.

Tse, K.C., Chiu, H. C., Tsang, M. Y., Li, Y., Lam, E. Y. (2019) Unsupervised learning on scientific ocean drilling datasets from the South China Sea. Frontiers of Earth Science. 13(1):180-190

Yu, F., Switzer, A.D., Lau, A.Y.A., Yeung, H.Y.E., Chik, S.W., Chiu, H.C., Huang, Z., Pile, J. (2013) A comparison of the post-storm recovery of two sandy beaches on Hong Kong Island, southern China. Quaternary International. 304:163-175

Teaching Fields

Physical Geography
Natural Hazards

Research interests

Sedimentary basins in South China
Sedimentary and geomorphology of lake systems
Himalayan river and lake systems
Coastal hazards

Services/ Posts

Vice-President, Geological Society of Hong Kong
Member, CDC-HKEAA Committee on Geography